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Doris writes a weekly column for LaGaceta, the nation's only trilingual newspaper, which has pages in English, Spanish, and Italian.  Begun in 1922 for Tampa's immigrant community, it continues to thrive more than a century later.  Her column is titled "In Context," as it aims to put contemporary issues in the context of the past.

In Context: Koch, Kirby Smith

The fortune of the Kansas-based brothers, Charles and David Koch, reportedly went over $100 billion last week. According to the respected business magazine Forbes, it grew during the previous year from $68 billion to $80 billion. Or, as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said: “Under the ‘anti-business,’ ‘socialist,” and ‘oppressive’ Obama administration, their wealth went up by $12 billion in one year.”  Read More 
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In Context: Ukraine

When I arrived at my monthly bridge game in early March, a friend asked if the troubles in Kiev meant World War III. I replied no; after President Obama resisted Republican demands that we bomb Syria a few months earlier, I was confident that we would avoid this conflict, too.  Read More 
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