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Doris writes a weekly column for LaGaceta, the nation's only trilingual newspaper, which has pages in English, Spanish, and Italian.  Begun in 1922 for Tampa's immigrant community, it continues to thrive more than a century later.  Her column is titled "In Context," as it aims to put contemporary issues in the context of the past.

Noticed on the Net

·      If there are enough people in prison to swing an election, don't you think there might be too many people in prison?  Especially in our privatized prisons, where the contracting corporation makes a hefty profit on each inmate.

·      Buried in the multiple corruptions of the Trump administration is the news that Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma spent millions of tax dollars on a Republican PR firm to generate positive press for herself.  That this isn't a first-rate scandal speaks volumes.

·      According to the non-partisan Economic Policy Center, we rank with New York and Connecticut for the worst income inequality.  The top 1% of Florida residents have an average annual income of $1.54 million -- almost 40 times than that of the other 99% of us, who average just $39,094.

Democratization of Dress

I first began thinking about this a while back, when there was a touching news photo of two young black men on either side of an older white woman:  they had seen her pay for gas with pennies from an empty wallet, and they followed her to the parking lot to give her their cash.  The stereotype would be the opposite, and it got me to thinking about how much recent styles in dress and appearance have helped create a stronger democracy.  You just can't tell who is who these days, and that's good. Read More 

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Thoughts on This Week's World

Of all the comments on the recent Mueller Report, I think the best observation was that of longtime journalist Mark Shields.  He pointed out that Robert Mueller and Donald Trump both had the advantages of wealthy parents and private educations, and both are Republicans – but Mueller went to Vietnam and was wounded, while the Trumpster can't remember which of his feet has the bone spurs that excused him from the draft. Read More 

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Voter Fraud Confirmed

The Donald's delusion about voter fraud by poor people, especially African Americans, appears to have been largely implanted by Kris Kobach, secretary of state in Kansas and wannabe elsewhere.  He was briefly entrusted with a national mission to investigate this non-reality, but that lasted only a minute and a half -- until even The Donald had second thoughts. Kobach  since has been trying for other appointments, but his fellow Kansas Republican, US Senator Pat Robertson, acknowledged to the Kansas City Star, "we can't confirm him." Read More 

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Jailed for Freedom: Saudi Arabia And Women's Right to Simply Move Around

Saudi Arabia – the great ally of fascist billionaires who try to run the world via their lobbyists in Washington, DC – has again jailed women who had the temerity to drive cars.  The women's fight for the right to do so has retroactively led to prosecution on the grounds that they aim "to undermine the kingdom's security, stability, and national unity."  Several witnesses have told the Associated Press that while they were imprisoned, the women were tortured, beaten, shocked with electricity, and sexually assaulted.  Read More 

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The Fix Was In

The new president of USF may turn out to be a great guy, but our community certainly did not get a chance to put our seal of approval on him.  The finalists, recruited by a private company, were announced on Monday, and on Friday, the Board of Trustees announced their choice – the only candidate among just four finalists whose credentials came even close to a reasonable resume for the presidency of a major university.  Read More 

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