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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

We Still Have A Long Way To Go: Women As Lieutenant Governors

But for Jennifer Carroll, Alex Sink might well be governor of Florida today. She lost by only about 65,000 votes among more than five million cast. Alex is a white woman, and a strong probability exists that those 65,000 votes came from people who wanted to set the precedent of having an African-American woman as lieutenant governor.  Read More 
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“Bloody Mary” and “Good Queen Bess:” Constrasting Monarchs

I had intended to join the buzz last month about the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s 1513 voyage, but the University Press of Florida has been slow to produce the book I’ve written on Florida women. I trust they will have it out soon, but meanwhile I cut words.  Read More 
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Getting Into Harvard

We had champagne recently to celebrate a first in our lives. My husband has been volunteering for decades as an interviewer for Harvard – and last week, for the first time ever, two of the students he championed were admitted! Most years, he has none, and he’s never even hoped for two.  Read More 
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