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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Learning Or Shopping?

The New York Times comes in my mailbox every day on the same day that people in New York buy it from their newsstands.  It has become a model of efficiency that other papers, especially the Tampa Bay Times, should emulate.  The New Yorkers send it electronically to Lakeland, where it is printed, and it gets to my mailbox that same day.  I read it thoroughly -- even though the lack of comics and good news often makes me depressed.  Read More 

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Goodbye To Two Good Ones

Publisher Patrick announced the passing of our mutual friend Jeff Carnes in the last edition of LaGaceta, and I want to add to that.  Jeff – and his longtime companion, Edith Stewart, the retired lobbyist for Hillsborough County – have been wonderful longtime friends.  Hubby first met him when both participated in the labor movement, Jeff as a unionized firefighter and Hubby as an activist with United Faculty of Florida.  (Yes, Hubby did have a Harvard doctorate in philosophy, but his favorite pastime was playing poker with blue-collar guys.)  Read More 

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I'm Back


At least briefly, as long as I can force my brain to coordinate with my fingers.  I want to thank the many of who called, e-mailed, and sent cards and flowers during this difficult time.  Everything is greatly appreciated, and I hope that sometime soon, I shall be able to send personal thanks.  I especially want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to La Gaceta for keeping me on the payroll during the six weeks that I didn't write.

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