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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

The War on Poverty

Our publisher, Patrick Manteiga, long ago removed the vowels from Marco Rubio’s name, calling the Miami Republican “Mark Rub” because of his failure to identify with other Hispanics. I agree, and more so this week than ever. The temerity of the guy! The absolutely unmitigated arrogance that he demonstrated in his press conference denouncing the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty!  Read More 
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Tax Exemptions, Local Newspapers, and a Few Other Notes Too!

Did you notice that one of our local papers ran a list of tax exemptions that disappeared with the beginning of 2014? One was the $250 (maximum) that schoolteachers could (for a few years) deduct when they buy classroom supplies. Teachers no longer will get this credit, which they richly deserve because most school boards are too stingy to allow them a budget for such, and most teachers buy what students need out of their own pockets.  Read More 
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