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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Florida Women's Hall Of Fame

Back in ancient history, when Democrat Bob Graham was governor, he created a Florida Women's Hall of Fame.  His two terms ended with the 1986 election, and Bob Martinez -- former head of the Tampa teachers' union -- switched from Democrat to Republican, resigned as mayor, and was elected governor.  His administration took down the plaques for the Women's Hall of Fame (WHOF) that had been displayed in the governor's office, and they were lost until several years later -- when they turned up on a high shelf in a broom closet.  Read More 

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Thank You And Good Wishes

This column is devoted to current events in their historical context, but you know that I can get personal, too.  This is one of those times.  My emotional self wants to put some things in print about the memorial for my late husband that my daughter and I held on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  I was especially heartened by the strength of family, as almost two dozen kinfolks came from out of state.  All but one were younger than I, and I felt complimented by this attention from young people.  Read More 

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