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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Where Were Joseph’s Cousins?

Where were Joseph’s cousins? I thought of that as I listened again this year to the familiar words of Luke, Chapter Two; Verses One through Seven:  Read More 
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The Great Smog

Last week I mentioned that we are using Netflex to catch up on things we were too young to see back in the 1950s. One movie we watched recently was set in London fog, and that prompted me to think about some environmental history that has yet to become part of the curriculum from which we teach and learn.  Read More 
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Hitchcock, Violence, and Juvenile Delinquency

Netflix has become the highlight of evenings in our house. Except for the PBS News Hour and, on Sundays, Masterpiece Theatre, we seldom watch anything “live” on TV anymore. Instead we make cocktails, turn out the lights, and really focus on something worthy of home theatre atmosphere.  Read More 
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