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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Quick Thoughts

  • I see that Florida gamblers have driven the Powerball lottery up to new heights.  I also see that bankruptcies are significantly up, for the first time in nearly a decade.  Trump effect?  People modeling their personal economic policies on his? Read More 
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Let's Cool It With the Impeachment Talk

As usual, Nancy Pelosi is absolutely right and should be heeded.  I've been amazed at how many of my smart friends are jumping on the impeachment bandwagon.  Yes, of course, there is lots of legal justification for that move – but these Democrats seem not to see that Mike Pence is the inevitable next step down impeachment path.  If this vice president becomes president before the 2020 election, he'll have the advantage of incumbency and voters will be deceived all over again. Read More 

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Think About This

  • I just walked past the CNN headline news and saw, "White House blames Congress for ballooning national debt."  This Congress has been in office for just two months and has not passed any legislation that affects the economy – and until about sixty days ago, both houses of Congress were controlled for many years by Republicans.  Tell me again, which party is responsible for the (genuinely) ballooning debt? Read More 
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Too Much Michael

         I'm surprised at myself for saying this, but I've had enough of Michael Cohen.  Of course I appreciate the truth that he is telling – but didn't we know all about his sleazy and stupid former boss years ago?  The confirmation is nice, but please, news people, there are other stories you should be covering.  Yet almost every time I walk past the (usually muted) TV, the headlines are all Michael, all the time.  Every talking head in America seems to feel the need to repeat what every other talking head talked about. Read More 

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