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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Does August 26 Mean Anything To You?

I write this column on Mondays, and today is Monday, August 26. Does that mean anything to you? It should, especially if you are a woman. August 26 is the anniversary of our right to vote.  Read More 
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August 26 Should Be A National Holiday!

The Founding Fathers were a picture of contradiction: radical leftists when they incited war against established government, they were conservatives in creating a new system that was virtually impossible to change.  Read More 
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We Should Rearrange the States

I wrote last week about states, specifically about “donor” and “receiver” states: how much each gets back from the federal government for each dollar paid. You may recall that North Dakota was the biggest beneficiary, getting more than $2 for every dollar that residents pay in federal income tax, while New Jersey folks get only 61 cents of each buck.  Read More 
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In Praise of….Jersey?!

I like to see Republicans dispute each other, especially when one of them is a know-nothing, no-to-everything guy and the other is the endangered species, a moderate Republican. That happened last week, with Kentucky’s Rand Paul and New Jersey’s Chris Christie.  Read More 
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