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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

In Re:

Arming teachers: What about teachers, especially in religious schools, who truly believe “Thou Shalt Not Kill?”

Re the rate of evolution, which is assumed to be very slow: Have you seen a dog chase a car lately? That was common in my youth. Dogs learn and evolve, and people who assert that animals cannot reason are just wrong.  Read More 
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A political button I’ve used before and wish that someone would reissue: “Support mental health or I’ll kill you.”

Our territory of Puerto Rico is begging Washington for a $300 million loan to restore electricity, while we spend hundreds of billions for endless destruction in other parts of the world. It’s a loan -- and to our own citizens. How about making this part of America great again?  Read More 
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Really Neat Surprises

I spoke to the Micanopy Historical Society last Saturday afternoon. Hubby and I were standing in a long line for lunch at the town’s only café (good food, but seriously understaffed), when I saw someone who looked liked former Florida First Lady Adele Graham. As she came closer, I spotted the big “Gwen” button on her lapel, and we had a nice conversation. I don’t know what Adele was doing in Micanopy: a younger companion, worried that she had been gone from her table too long, interrupted us. But she looks great, is as gracious as ever, and is excited about her daughter’s campaign for governor.  Read More 
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The Pentagon plans to spend $391 billion on new fighter planes. The National Parks Department has $11 billion in unmet maintenance needs, including a leaking pipeline that is the only source of water at the popular South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Anyone choose water?  Read More 
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