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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

The Biggest Deficit --And A Shout-Out To An Overlooked Group

The nation's biggest deficit may not be financial, either personal debt or public debt, but instead is attention deficit.  My elders predicted it back in the days of black-and-white television:  They feared that movies, radio, the new TV, and electronic devices they couldn't even envision would lead to a world in which everyone would insist on being entertained all the time.  Playtime creativity would disappear as kids sat like zombies in front of the TV; even adults would dumb down as they became passive receivers instead of active doers.  Read More 

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Completely Off The Subject

There still are a few things on my list of observations about our current crisis, but I'm depressed and tired of thinking about it -- and especially about the Idiot-in-Chief.  In addition to the new global hell that we all are going through, I have my personal hell, as Hubby has regressed because of the pandemic.  I stopped him from watching the news a long time ago, but he sees the changes in the hospital and has become very anxious and paranoid.  Read More 

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