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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Protests, Police, Pandemic, And Politics: Enough Already

These topics are very important, but I've addressed them repeatedly and want to change the subject this week.  I expect you might feel the same.  I do want to acknowledge, though, that our current protests are historic, in that elected leaders are not allowing policemen and other "conservatives" to attack the demonstrators' right to free speech.  Our grandchildren are picking up the protest signs we dropped after Richard Nixon's 1968 election, and genuine reform in the criminal justice system may be within sight.  I hope so. Read More 

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Blue Re Florida Blue

Under our almost totally Republican officialdom, Florida government becomes more and more arbitrary, inefficient, and chaotic.  I hope that voters who put such unwarranted faith in buzz words – especially Jeb's "People First!" and Rick Scott's "Let's Get to Work!"– will rewind to the days of Lawton Chiles and Bob Graham, when accountability and transparency meant something.  It's not just that today's Tallahassee folks are inefficient:  it seems they deliberately aim their poor service at poor people. Read More 

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De Ja Vieux, All Over Again

I've been going through more than a half-century's worth of photo albums, picking out favorites of Hubby to use in a video at his memorial service, whenever the pandemic drops to the point that we can have it.  Of course this makes me sad – not only for his loss, but also because I miss the people who cannot hug me right now, as well as those who never will again.  This is especially true of the many aunts and uncles who nurtured him and me, with not an unkind person among literally dozens of them.  Would that we had that generation back again! Read More 

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Homes, And Homing In Again

Thanks so much to those of you who told me that you were glad to see my return last week.  Of course I continue to miss Hubby terribly, and I know that I shall for a long time.  I also know, though, that he would want me to return to my writing life.  He supported it for so long that he deserves some return on his investment, even though it may be a widow's mite.  And I hope you will forgive me if I continue on themes closely related to him and our 54-year marriage.  Read More 

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