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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Another Home

I'm just back from DC, or more properly the area around DC.  In normal holiday times, Hubby and I could meet our daughter when her work day at the Justice Department ended and then enjoy downtown Washington's Christmas attractions – the lights on Pennsylvania Avenue, tea at the Willard Hotel, or the holiday flower arrangements at the National Botanical Garden.  But Hubby is gone and the times aren't normal, so I didn't set foot in the district this year.  I did check the web to see Melania's White House decor, and it wasn't as disastrous as last year's devil-red trees.  I'm grateful, though, that she won't get another chance. Read More 

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Beginning The New Year With Old Friends -- Books

For most of us, at least most women, the New Year means cleaning.  We take down decorations, throw out wrapping paper, and discard other celebratory debris.  I won't have that problem this year, as the 2020 deaths of my husband, brother, and sister caused me to evade Christmas.  But I have been cleaning, especially dealing with Hubby's thousands of books.  During the more than a half-century that we were married, I never knew him to throw out one, and his father built unique bookcases for them.  Dad Weatherford was a carpenter as well as a Methodist minister, and he created a long wall for Hubby's study that nonetheless eventually overflowed with books. Read More 

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It's Christmas Week, But…

For the first time in my life, I'm trying to ignore it.  With the loss of my husband, a brother, and a sister this year, I just can't do what I ordinarily do.  Therefore, I hope you perhaps you, too, might want a change from the Holly and Jolly, and I'm going to write the column I would have written were it an ordinary week.  LaGaceta wants it early, so some things may have changed by the time you get this, and I trust that you will understand if that turns out to be true.  With Trump running the government by tweet, you know how quickly news can be outdated.  But hang in:  I'm going to end this with a cheerful tale from the past that I've been intending to tell for a while.  I hope it makes you smile. Read More 

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The Proud Boys Not So Proud

Two days before the Electoral College met, the fascists who call themselves the Proud Boys finally got around to doing what they had threatened to do much earlier and marched on Pennsylvania Avenue – while 1600's Current Occupant was up in New York.  Bad planning, that.  It was much, much smaller than past marches on Washington, and no one paid a lot of attention -- least of all the Electors who were intent on doing their civic duty back in state capitols.  Read More 

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Thank you, Joe!

I couldn't be more thrilled with President-Elect Biden's economic team.  It's what I've been waiting for all of my life.  As a not-really aside, I want to tell you that I got the highest grade in an introductory economics class of 55, 50 of whom were young men.  The professor took the opportunity to shame the guys, greatly embarrassing me in those pre-feminist days.  As women have risen in the field, I've sometimes regretted that I didn't swim against the tide and become one of these pioneers, but I don't regret it for very long.  Making it as a female historian was hard enough, and in economics, I would have been miserable most of the time.  Hubby was similar in leaving math and physics for lower-paid philosophy, and these decisions were basic to more than a half-century of happiness. Read More 

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"For lifestyle and taxes"

Maybe you read the article from the New York Times speculating on what Ivanka, Jared, and their buds are going to do when they exit Washington.  I was struck by one paragraph that quoted a guy who was described as "a short-lived Trump campaign adviser." He said, "I'm moving to Florida next year for taxes and lifestyle."  Read More 

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Is over, but not really.  It won't ever be for me, as it was the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend last year that Hubby fell, never to recover.  He wouldn't want me to wallow in that, though, so I shall wallow in other non-personal thoughts about Thanksgivings.  I've written about the history of this holiday before, but reminders of its various versions never hurt. Read More 

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Battles and wars

There's much too much bemoaning about Democrats winning the presidency, but failing to sweep the down-ballot table.  Therefore I want to discuss the difference between battles and wars.  Conservatives frequently win battles, but it is an axiomatic rule that liberals win the longtime war.  That's just the nature of history and of the two philosophies:  liberals propose seemingly impossible goals, while conservatives try to plug the dyke against inevitable change. Read More 

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Little beginnings to bigger thoughts

I want to congratulate and thank my colleague Joe O'Neill, who like Joe Biden, has Irish roots in Pennsylvania.  I'm also going to emulate Joe's short-sentence style today.  So:

To all those right-wingers complaining about "socialism," please return your Social Security checks.

 Read More 

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In The Context Of My Own Life

I really don't want to write this week.  Not just because I write on Mondays and this one is angst-producing Election Eve, but also and especially because I recently lost both my older brother and sister.  I'm hanging on to my sanity by a thread, but I try to keep my commitments – and this will be an easy, almost thoughtless, column.  It will be based on an early portion of my last book, Victory for the Vote:  The Fight for Women's Suffrage and the Century that Followed.  I intended to write about this October event all last month, but other issues seemed more relevant.  Read More 

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