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Published Articles by Doris Weatherford

Happy 100th birthday! The beginning

The media has done a fairly good job of raising awareness that this month is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which ensured the right of American women to vote in all elections.  You may be confused, however, by the exact date, as different ones are being used.  Some reporters are using August 18, but those of us in the field always have used August 26.  The reason for the disparity is not a lazy error, but instead reflects the many complexities of amending the US Constitution.  Read More 

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Summer of 1970

One of the first things I did after Hubby died was to re-read the diary I kept in the summer of 1970.  In our new travel trailer, we went from Massachusetts up to Canada, down to Minnesota, and across the Upper Plains and Rockies to California, where we made long visits in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Then it was the Southwest, the Lower Midwest, Southeast, and back up the East Coast just before school started in September.  I took lots of photos that were developed into slides; I bought my own slide projector and movie screen; and then I enlivened my high-school American history classes with travel pictures. Read More 

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Sports And Courts

When our daughter interned at the law library of the US Supreme Court, she took Hubby and me to see some things that are not open to the public.  One area was where justices (and other senior employees) could go to relax, a basketball court in the dome of the magnificent building.  They call it "the highest court in the land." Read More 

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"The Full Estate Of Citizenship"

My good friend Dr. Gary Mormino, Florida's most eminent historian, frequently sends me printouts from microfilmed newspapers of a century or so ago.  Our local papers, including the Tampa Tribune and the old Tampa Times, never have been digitalized, and it was only recently, after the St. Petersburg Times became the Tampa Bay Times, that we have any electronic access to even that chronicle of our past.  So Gary spends his days reading old microfilm, a task that yours truly never would undertake.  Read More 

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Historic Global Change -- Put In Motion By One Of Our Own

I first met Congresswoman Kathy Castor when she was six years old.  She was riding in the back seat of her mother's car, along with her younger sister and brother.  I was pregnant with my daughter, who now is 46, and we were headed to a feminist convention in Orlando.  Because of this longtime family closeness, I sometimes hesitate to give Kathy the public praise that she is due – but I've decided that I'm over that.  She is a model for legislators everywhere and at every level, and I'm going to talk today about just two of her many achievements. Read More 

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Nothing Lasts Forever

And that includes the names of military bases -- or "posts" or "forts" or "camps," as the Army calls its facilities.  The Navy has both "bases" and "ports", and only the Air Force – which didn't begin until after World War II -- uses "base" exclusively.  But because the media has dubbed the issue of renaming military installations as "bases," that's what we will use.  The larger point is that names are far from inviolate and frequently change with time. Read More 

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Please Ponder

·      Re re-opening:  next time around, let's keep the bars and nightclubs closed and instead open the libraries, museums, and art galleries.  A very different sort of patron goes there, and space in these venues naturally encourages social distancing.  To say nothing of holding down the cost of law enforcement.  When's the last time you heard of a shoot-out at a library or museum?

·      Re Republican objections to mailed ballots, isn't this the way Wall Street has run stockholder elections forever?  You get a little card in the mail and can return it or not.  Big corporations do not want your physical presence at the annual meetings they are required to have.  It's just hypocritical for the Fraudster-in-Chief, who grew up in this milieu, to claim that voters must be physically present.

 Read More 

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Protests, Police, Pandemic, And Politics: Enough Already

These topics are very important, but I've addressed them repeatedly and want to change the subject this week.  I expect you might feel the same.  I do want to acknowledge, though, that our current protests are historic, in that elected leaders are not allowing policemen and other "conservatives" to attack the demonstrators' right to free speech.  Our grandchildren are picking up the protest signs we dropped after Richard Nixon's 1968 election, and genuine reform in the criminal justice system may be within sight.  I hope so. Read More 

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Blue Re Florida Blue

Under our almost totally Republican officialdom, Florida government becomes more and more arbitrary, inefficient, and chaotic.  I hope that voters who put such unwarranted faith in buzz words – especially Jeb's "People First!" and Rick Scott's "Let's Get to Work!"– will rewind to the days of Lawton Chiles and Bob Graham, when accountability and transparency meant something.  It's not just that today's Tallahassee folks are inefficient:  it seems they deliberately aim their poor service at poor people. Read More 

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De Ja Vieux, All Over Again

I've been going through more than a half-century's worth of photo albums, picking out favorites of Hubby to use in a video at his memorial service, whenever the pandemic drops to the point that we can have it.  Of course this makes me sad – not only for his loss, but also because I miss the people who cannot hug me right now, as well as those who never will again.  This is especially true of the many aunts and uncles who nurtured him and me, with not an unkind person among literally dozens of them.  Would that we had that generation back again! Read More 

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